Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft released Windows 10 and is offering a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8 users until July 29, 2016. If you’re debating whether to upgrade to Windows 10 or not, here is helpful information about the advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of upgrading to Windows 10:

  • Latest Windows version (more compatibility with future Microsoft products)
  • Longer support from Microsoft

Disadvantages of upgrading to Windows 10:

  • More options: Risk that IPSoft may not work (see below)
  • Risk that your other programs may not be fully compatible with Windows 10
  • Before deciding on the upgrade, check with your important software manufacturers to see if they are compatible with Windows 10

IPSoft compatibility with Windows 10 is a bit complicated.  We know that IPSoft will NOT install on a Windows 10 computer. IPSoft works well on 90% of computers that upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. However, there is a major risk that your computer may fall within the 10% that does not. If you upgrade to Windows 10 and have an issue transferring IPSoft, call us as you will have to downgrade back to Windows 7 or 8 (which is difficult), get an old computer with Windows 7 or 8, or switch from using IPSoft to SmileStream.

If you decide not to upgrade to Windows 10 (like myself), you have both options to stay with IPSoft or transition to SmileStream. If you desire to upgrade to Windows 10, make sure you protect your data before performing the upgrade (see next FAQ).



I Want to Upgrade to Windows 10, What Should I Do?

If you decide that you want to upgrade to Windows 10, we will support you every step of the way.  We are very concerned with you maintaining access to all of your patient data, and minimizing your risk.  If you decide to upgrade, here is our recommended process.  If there are any questions or issues, please contact Tech Support so we can ensure the data is transferred completely.

SmileStream “Beta” version will be live on Monday, July 25, allowing you time to make the transition/protect your data prior to the Windows 10 free upgrade deadline (July 29).

  1. Backup your data: To do this, you have 2 options:
    • Transfer your patients to This is an easy and reliable backup of your data as it is stored on the cloud and can be accessed in any operating system. From July 25, you may use our transfer program to transfer your IPSoft patients into SmileStream.  The only areas that will not transfer are your appliance (but you can request this data directly from PDS) and the treatment history.  After the transfer, please check all your (important) patients to make sure the transfer happened smoothly. 
    • Backup your data in IPSoft on an external hard drive. Read instructions here. With this route, you have a full backup in case the files don’t transfer properly.
  2. Upgrade to Windows 10. Once you feel confident you have a reliable backup either in SmileStream or on an external hard drive, go through the Windows Upgrade process.
  3. Open IPSoft:
    • If IPSoft Works, then you can choose to stay on IPSoft or upgrade to SmileStream. You are free to use IPSoft for as long as you have a computer it will operate on. You can upgrade to SmileStream at any time, FREE of charge.
    • If IPSoft does not work, contact us as you may be forced to either:
      1. Upgrade to SmileStream
      2. Downgrade your computer back to Windows 8 or earlier
      3. Use a different computer with Windows 8 or earlier



Should I Upgrade to SmileStream or stay with IPSoft?

You can choose if and when you want to make the transition to SmileStream since we will make the upgrade to the SmileStream Orthodontics module FREE to IPSoft users forever. We will share the advantages and known problems so you can make an informed decision to keep your clinic running as smoothly as possible. 

Why upgrade now?

  • SmileStream works on every operating system, on any computer, tablet and smart phone
  • SmileStream will help you to network your cases between your offices and devices
  • You may need to upgrade if your computer isn’t compatible to IPSoft
  • IPSoft will slowly stop working as Windows 10 becomes more prevalent
  • Save time in diagnosis and use the improved functions

You may want to stay with IPSoft for now if...

  • You do not have access to a good internet connection - Currently SmileStream is only a cloud based system, so you must have a good internet connection for the software to run smoothly. I would recommend waiting to get SmileStream until you have good internet access or when SmileStream comes out with a desktop (non-cloud) version.  
  • You want to wait for some known issues to be fixed
  • You’re happy with IPSoft and don’t want to change yet

Want to use both IPSoft and SmileStream to make a slow transition? See the next section.

Personally I would recommend most users to transition to SmileStream now since the upgrades will save you a lot of time in diagnosis, you can network your devices/offices with the cloud, and SmileStream is a better software. There are known issues that are currently still being fixed, however we have work arounds to all of these known issues, allowing you to run SmileStream safely while also gaining many advantages. However, I understand if you would prefer to wait until most of the major known issues are fixed, instead of using workarounds to these issues (and we will fix them as fast as we can).



Can I Use Both Programs at the Same Time?

Yes, you are free to work in both IPSoft and SmileStream for as long as you would like, as long as you have a computer that is compatible with IPSoft. 

Transitioning your software can be a gradual process if you would like. Our transfer tool allows you to move single patients from IPSoft to SmileStream at any time (note: you CANNOT transfer patients from SmileStream to IPSoft).  So, you may want to move your current patients to SmileStream and test if you are ready to move or if you would prefer to wait. 




Will POS Cancel My Access to IPSoft at Any Point?

No, we have no plans to cancel your access at any point. You will continue to have access to IPSoft as long as it continues to work on your computer. However, I would expect many of the features to stop working in the future. As every company adapts to Windows 10, they are updating the software. These updates may conflict with features of IPSoft, and cause them to stop working. I would expect the store to stop working first, as Java and other internet software tend to update quickest. However, I cannot predict when and which updates will make IPSoft not work in the future. 



What is the Cost to Upgrade to Smilestream? 

All current students and past graduates of our Comprehensive Orthodontic Series can receive the SmileStream Orthodontic Software FREE. If you have dropped out of the Series but want to restart your training and access the new SmileStream upgrade, please contact us. Offices that have purchased IPSoft (or POSoft) can also receive the SmileStream Orthodontic Software for free. This offer does not expire. Contact us to see if you qualify for the free upgrade.

We are committed to your orthodontic success for life. As an education company, we have designed several divisions and resources like our software and supplies to enhance our education.  Since IPSoft/ SmileStream may be a critical tool for you to perform orthodontics predictably in your practice, your upgrade is included free.

In time, we will be coming out with other features that may be paid features. These new features will not be required for you to continue what you currently offer.

Our hope is that you will love the free upgrade to SmileStream, continue to support POS, and be motivated to refer a friend to our education or software. Your referrals are the highest compliment and shows us that we are treating you right.



Is SmileStream HIPAA compliant (or meet my local privacy laws)?

Yes, SmileStream is HIPAA compliant. SmileStream uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and monitor the security of the site.  AWS has integrated the highest levels of security, and is currently in compliance with all national privacy laws as they relate to dentistry.  You can rest assured we are using the latest security and monitoring compliance carefully to protect you. Read more



How do I backup IPSoft?

If you wish to backup an IPSoft server with your IPSoft cases, please apply these instructions on your IPSoft server computer. If you need help with any of this, please contact support.

  1. Stop service:
    • Close IPSoft if it is open.
    • Click the Windows Start button, then Control Panel > Administrative Tools> Services, or in the Run box, type: Services and then press the Enter key.
    • Scroll down the list until you see MSSQL$POSOFT, right click MSSQL$POSOFT, then left click "Stop".
  1. Make backup folder:
    • On an external or network drive, make a folder with a name like: IPSoft backup 2016 July 20
  1. Find IPSoft folder:
    • Find your IPSoft icon, right click it, click "Open file location", then go up 2 levels until you see the name of the "Progressive" folder.
  1. Get size:
    • Right click the Progressive folder, then left click "Properties". Note the folder size, and the number of folders + files.
      • Example: 1.3 GB, 123 folders, 2047 files.
  1. Copy the folder:
    • Right click the Progressive folder, then left click "Copy".
    • Right click the backup folder you made in 2., then left click "Paste".
    • Wait until it has copied all items.
  1. Verify backup size:
    • Right click the folder you just copied (inside your backup folder), left click "Properties", then note the size, number of folders and files. They should match exactly what you noted in step 4. If not, then please contact
  1. For older POS software, like Posoft 3.1.16:
    • If you have a folder called dcadfiles on your C: drive, then copy and paste that folder into your backup folder as well.
    • Then verify that the number of files and folders matches the original. If they do not match, please contact
  1. Right click the service MSSQL$POSOFT that was stopped in step 1, and left click "Start".

Now you may use IPSoft again.