This transfer program allows you to move your patient files from IPSoft to SmileStream.

This updated version was released on March 2017.

1. Click the link above. Click the orange "Download Now" button on this webpage. This link will take you to a Hightail webpage.
2. Run the program, following all prompts and "allow" instructions.
3. When program is finished installing, it will automatically open. Sign in to your SmileStream account when prompted.
4. Select the cases that you would like imported. Note: If you are importing a large number of cases, you may want to perform this task overnight. On a good internet connection, our experience is about 2.5 hrs for 150 cases. 
5. Allow the program to run. When the process is completed, you will be prompted "import complete" in a pop up window.
6. If any files had difficulty in transferring, these will be noted with pop-up error messages.  Please take a screen shot of these error messages.  Each error message will indicate a patient name.  Most likely these are patients that were deleted from IPSoft, but the file name is still present (and the program is concerned that no information transferred).  Please check patient name, look in smilestream to check the patient, and compare to IPSoft.  If the file exists in IPSoft but not in Smilestream, please contact so we can diagnose the problem and ensure your file is transferred correctly.
**Warning: Treatment History and IP Appliance will not transfer from IPSoft to SmileStream due to the big changes to these areas in the new software.  If you need the appliance prescription for a particular patient, please request this information from Progressive Dental Supply (  Contact for more information.