Treatment Plans

A few of the treatment plans are not showing the summary treatment plan. The plans are:

Click above to download the treatment plans in Word format. If you need one of these treatment plans, open the word document and copy the plan into the “Freeform” treatment plan in SmileStream. 

*Available for download as a zip file via Hightail. Click the orange "Download" button on the page, then extract the files to a folder on your computer.




The current version of SmileStream is only available in English. We are working on adding many languages to the offering, and expect these languages to be rolled out in the next few months. 

As a workaround, if you can understand most of the single word descriptions in SmileStream, we can send you the treatment plans in the languages that they are currently translated. On patients that you start, you can copy/ paste the translated treatment plan into the “Freeform” area of the treatment plans.




Internet Access

SmileStream is a cloud based software, and thus requires a good internet connection to work smoothly. Please test your internet connection to see if SmileStream will function as you desire at the speed you have available. 

In the future we are planning on releasing a non-cloud version, but it will be a while before this happens. 



No Growth Software

The growth software is currently not available in SmileStream, as we have to convert it to cloud based programming language. It is on our list of projects to complete. 

If growth software is integral to a case, you may need to keep IPSoft for these cases. You can work up the case in IPSoft DentalCAD, run the Growth Software, take screenshots, transfer the case to SmileStream using the transfer tool, and add the Growth Software screenshots to the “Growth” section of SmileStream Treatment plans.




Supplemental Treatment Plans

POS uses a variety of Supplemental Treatment Plans that are additions to be made to your primary treatment plan (for instance to correct gummy smile). In the near future, there will be a section of the treatment plan to easily add these supplemental plans, but this feature is not there yet. The Supplemental Plans are treatment plans 29, 117, 120, 121, 143, 144, 147, and 148. 
The workaround for this issue is to open the desired supplemental plan in IPSoft or Word Document, and paste the plan into the "notes" section of the SmileStream treatment plan.



Growth Documentation Image 

In SmileStream, we have added the ability to document the stage of growth in DentalCAD. The feature is supposed to create a new document, pull the back corner of the ceph, as well as a wrist xray if available, and allow you to document the stage of growth. Currently the feature is not pulling a ceph or wrist xray into the page. However it does create a file that you can name. This will allow you to document the stage of CVM growth in dentalcad.
There is a simple workaround for the issue of not pulling the ceph. (1) Create a new Growth Doc. (2) Open the picture slider (orange dot with a camera in the upper right side). (3) Click on the ceph you want to check for CVM stage. (4) Double click on the ceph to enlarge, and then shift so you can see the image as well as the templates. (5) When a decision on stage has been made, close the picture and mark the appropriate stage of growth.



IPSoft Patient Transfer Tool

The IPSoft Patient Transfer Tool is now updated for faster speeds. Find more details, instructions, and limitations on the Transfer Tool page.