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Upcoming Virtual Office Hours

dana Wednesdays (Oct. 28, Nov. 11, 25, Dec. 9)
11:00am - 1:00pm, PDT/PST
Dr. David Dana, POS Educational Director
Zoom meeting ID: 951 6520 5186
Access Now (during office hours)

Tuesdays (October 20, November 3)
6:00am - 8:00am, PDT/PST
1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month
Dr. Shockley Wier, POS Tenured Instructor
Zoom meeting ID: 964 8609 8393
Password:  POS20
Access Now (during office hours)

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Saturdays (October 17)
9:30am - 11:30am, PDT/PST
Dr. Subodh Swaroop, POS Tenured Instructor
Zoom meeting ID: 929 8910 6667
Access Now (during office hours)

Dr Tran AUS


Monday (October 19)
7:00 pm - 8/8:30pm, AEDT (1:00 - 2/2:30AM PDT)
Dr. Ahn Tran, POS Instructor
Zoom meeting ID: 996 4361 9482
Password: POS20
Access Now (during office hours)

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Wednesday (October 28 & November 11)
7:00 pm - 8/8:30pm, AEDT (1:00 - 2/2:30 AM PDT)
Dr. Steve Treble, POS Instructor
Zoom meeting ID: 941 5080 5898
Password: POS20
Access Now (during office hours)


*All times are listed in California time zone (UTC -7) 
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How it works

  1. Click the "Access Now" link above during Office Hours for access
    Instructor will be present during the office hours listed. You can use a phone, tablet, or computer. Please turn your video and audio on. Don't know how to use Zoom for virtual office hours? See instructions.
  2. Write your question and orthodontic background in the chat box
    If someone is already talking with the instructor, write your question in the chat so the instructor can answer in a first come, first served order. You're welcome to listen to others' questions as you wait. If there are multiple people and you are waiting, please respect others' time by muting yourself until it is your turn. The instructor will limit time for each person's questions to 5-10 minutes if multiple participants are present. After your turn, you can stay and write another question in the chat if you want to discuss additional items.

  3. What can you use office hours for?
    The instructor is available for most questions as long as it relates to orthodontics or improving your dental practice and care.

    • Clarifying concepts in your education
    • Specific case questions
    • Quick case checks
    • Business, marketing and efficiency tips
    • Technical help

Note: Office hours is NOT the space for full case workups or consulting. If you have been working with another instructor on a case and have a question, please be up front about this so the instructor can best support you and avoid confusion.